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Being new to Twitter can be confusing such that when people talk of following and unfollowing each other, you may feel that you are in the dark. Here is a breakdown that will help you understand these terms better as well as to know how you can best exploit them to build your brand.

Follow Option

This feature comes in handy where you want to access someone’s posts. Suppose you have an interest in someone, say a sports anchor, you now have access to their tweets which helps you know what they are thinking.

It also means that whenever they have something new on their feed, it will show on your timeline and you won’t have to search for them. If ever you get to a point where you are frequently interacting, you can take your conversations to a private space in the form of direct messages. You also have access to their live streams and anything that they post on their feed.

Suppose you want to know how many people are in your list, you can access this information on your profile. If you feel that someone’s posts no longer appeal to you, unfollowing them is an option. Note that this action will mean that you will not have much access to what they write on their pages.


You can build your brand such that you get an online presence that will eventually result in a consistent audience. In most cases, people start by following their close friends and family who in turn follow them, as per Twitter etiquette, as it is considered polite to repay the favor as it shows that you too have an interest in them.

Once someone follows you, they can read your texts. It also enables you to start a private chat with them. You can see the number of people you are reaching by going through your list, available on your profile. Whenever a new person joins your list, the site sends this information to you by email. You can choose to do away with these notifications.

However, it is essential to have an unfollower notification service that lets you know when you lose part of your audience. It helps you understand why your numbers are dropping and thus enables you to deal with the situation before it gets critical.

Common FAQs

How can I get people to follow me?

An easy way to build your list would be by asking your loved ones to support you. If this is not an option, engaging with people with whom you have a common interest is a sure way to build your audience.

Can I restrict people from accessing my posts?

Not everyone on the platform has good intentions and thus having a means of gauging who sees what you post is a good idea.
You can have your settings such that one would have to be on your list for them to see your posts. If there is a particular person that you have in mind, who you would like to stay away from your page, you can always use the block option.

Following and unfollowing is pretty easy once you get the hang of things. Go on and try it today!

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