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Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to keep up with the goings-on across the world is to log onto Twitter. From who scored a goal in the ninetieth minute to who is fighting for climate change, you will find the answer on this forum. And it gets better.
It turns out that there are tons of hidden features which take interaction to the next level. Check them out as you gear up for a new take on this site!

Night Mode

Are you one of those people who like to stay online for a while before they head to bed? Do you love to scroll through trends as you lay in bed beckoning sleep? If this is the case, night mode is one feature that will have you embracing Twitter all the more.
It allows you to change the white background to a dark blue hue which enables you to reduce the strain on your eyes. Here’s to trawling the feed for hours on end!


At first, getting notifications is fun. Someone tagged you in a photo, another mentioned you in a comment; you have a new follower! It is all quite exciting. Over time, you may have a massive following such that you cannot keep up with all the notifications.

Go to your push notifications and decide what the site should let you know and what can take place without your knowledge. It will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders as you focus on building an even larger audience.

Read Receipts

Let’s suppose that you prefer keeping a low profile when it comes to whether or not you have read a text. In this case, disabling read receipts will be a welcome idea to you. You can now operate in the dark and enjoy the convenience of not being continuously questioned over why you did not reply to a message.

Profile Customization

From profile photos to display photos to custom colors, there are lots of ways in which you can make your profile visible to users on the site. Play about with the different concepts and see what you like best.

Advanced Search

With so many opinions on the site, it can prove hard to find what you want at a fast rate. This feature enables you to choose what words you want, which accounts the phrases should be, where and when. Finding what you want to see should be a walk in the park with all this customization in play.

Data Savings

Your data plan may not be sufficient to load all the videos that you find on your homepage. At other times, you may not be in the mood to watch all the pop-up videos as you scroll through a thread.
You can turn on the auto-play option, enabling you to choose what you play. You can also limit the quality of the videos of you wish.


Would you like to know how well your posts are doing? Well, now there is a feature that helps you see how many people you reached, their reactions and any mentions as to the same. Brands benefit a lot from this option as they can tell what works and what does not.

With these tips in play, navigating the site should be a breeze! Enjoy!

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