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2020 January

Following FAQ

Being new to Twitter can be confusing such that when people talk of following and unfollowing each other, you may feel that you are in the dark. Here is a breakdown that will help you understand these terms better as well as to know how you can best exploit them to build your brand.

2019 December


There is a lot to discover when it comes to Twitter and having a guide as to the same goes a long way in helping you build your brand. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding this platform:

2019 December

Twitter Unfollowers

Having a large following on Twitter works as a plus for your brand and is thus a source of income where you choose to capitalize these numbers. Not only can you spread your message faster...

2019 December

Twitter Live Streaming

Thanks to the introduction of live streaming on social media platforms, it is now easy to follow what others are doing. Facebook and Instagram have benefitted a lot from this feature and Twitter is fast picking pace on the same.

2019 December

Hidden Features

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to keep up with the goings-on across the world is to log onto Twitter. From who scored a goal in the ninetieth minute to who is fighting for climate change, you will find the answer on this forum.

2019 December


Hello there! Have you been struggling with the different lingo used on Twitter? Well, this glossary is sure to help you feel ready to conquer whatever gets thrown your way. Enjoy!

2019 December

Personal Info

The concern that most people have regarding Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, is whether their private data is safe. If you have ever wondered ‘Does Twitter collect my private data?’, the answer is yes.