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There is a lot to discover when it comes to Twitter and having a guide as to the same goes a long way in helping you build your brand. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding this platform:

What is Twitter?

You can think of it in three ways. One, Twitter serves as a social platform where people can come together and discuss topics in which they share an interest. Secondly, it serves as a forum where people can market their goods and services. Thirdly, it is a site where you can get access to what’s happening across the world, e.g., player transfers in various teams.

Through the use of tweets, direct messages, links, videos, photos and other forms of media, people can stay in touch with the touch of a button. It is an easy way to stay informed.

What is a tweet?

People are always talking about who tweeted what and when and this can be confusing for someone who is yet to master the lingo of this site. A tweet refers to a post on the forum. It could be a photo, text, link or anything that can pass on a message to anyone who sees it.
There are no restrictions as to what you can write as long as it amounts to 280 characters or less. Note though that you should not violate the terms of the site by posting anything which users can term as offensive or discriminative as this can get you kicked out of the forum.

To post something, all you need is to tap on the tweet prompt once you insert something in the ‘what’s happening’ box. You can do this at the site, using an app or by phone. Suppose you write something or post something that you wish to edit, this is not possible. However, you can delete the post and start from scratch.

Who sees what I post?

If your account is unprotected, any user on the platform has access to what you have to say. As a brand, this works in your favor as you can reach anyone who searches the given topic. If you prefer to have a small reach, you can limit the number of people who can read your posts by using the protection measures in place.

What are the requirements?

Joining this site is pretty easy. Do you have access to a smartphone? Can you access the internet? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you are all set and can join the millions of people on the site.
As a newbie, there will be many recommendations as to who you should follow, and you should make choices based on what you want from the site. But you can always use the unfollow option when you feel that you no longer click with someone in whom you had an interest.

Following someone means that you have access to their feed and that they can interact with you through direct messages. Their posts appear on your timeline, thus saving you the time it would take to search for them.

How do retweets work?

If a post appeals to users, they post it on their pages for their audience to see. The re-post is what users refer to as a retweet. Having people retweet what you have on your page adds to your reach on the site and is thus a good thing.

What is a reply?

Suppose someone sees something interesting in your post and they wish to comment on it, they can do so in the form of a reply. The person's comment will be visible to only you and their followers if they have any restrictions in place. Where a user intends for the interaction to be more private, they can choose to send you a direct message which is only visible to you and them.

Ensure that you read through the terms of service to avoid any violations that could see you bidding your account adios! Good luck!

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