Currently, you can follow what is going on across the globe by scrolling through twitter trends. Everything is now about hashtags, re-tweets and Twitter feuds that have people glued to their screens all day. But what is Twitter?

Currently, you can follow what is going on across the globe by scrolling through twitter trends. Everything is now about hashtags, re-tweets and Twitter feuds that have people glued to their screens all day. But what is Twitter?


You can think of Twitter as an online site which people use for social networking as well as a platform where you can get access to news. From sports to politics to what’s going on in the fashion world, there will be people tweeting about it, thus raising awareness regarding the issue at hand.

People post short messages which appear on their feeds. Their audience can opt to like the texts, re-tweet them to other people, or both. For some Twitter users, the platform provides an avenue where they can come across interesting companies and people, whose tweets they can follow.

It is also an interactive space for anyone who wants to comment on an issue as they can find like-minded people with whom they can discuss the matter. You can also opt to use the forum as a means to get access to people’s opinions.


One of the reasons why people love Twitter owes to creativity. Imagine millions of minds coming together in one space, each with an interesting take on issues. Not only do you expand your way of thinking, but you also get the opportunity to share your take.

Additionally, the forum is very scan-friendly. The posts on the site are short, and if you don’t wish to spend much time reading through the messages, you can quickly scan the texts as you move on to other things.

Users can only post tweets that are 280 characters or less. Though this may seem to limit to people who have a lot to say, it works excellently for the attention-deficit generations. Also, size restriction encourages users to be more creative in their tweets such that they can be eye-catchy. Wittiness is critical, especially where one wants to attract a large number of followers.
And these followers later amount to income generation where one can get paid to work as an influencer. The reasons behind the fast growth of this forum are endless.


Twitter is a very easy forum to use. Joining the site is free, and all you have to do is come up with a username that is not in use as you link it to one of your email accounts or phone number where you wish. You can then start sending your tweets based on the timings that you prefer.
The settings are such that you can send tweets each hour, or per day, or other intervals that work for you. Or you can choose to write something down when you feel like commenting on an issue.

All you have to do is go to the ‘What’s Happening’ box that is visible on your homepage and you can type in characters equal to or less than 280. Once you click on ‘Tweet,’ the message will be visible to those who follow you as well as anyone with interest in the said text. A quick way to make your tweet available to people in the forum is the use of hash-tags.

Suppose people are talking about a particular event, e.g., Concert B that will be in town and you want to get their attention, you can write down your text and follow up with a #concertB. In this way, anyone looking for opinions regarding the concert will come across your post. If they like what you have to say, they can 'like' or re-tweet the post.

If not, they might come for you, and you can have a lengthy discussion as to the matter. Twitter feuds have proven to be a fast way of getting your name recognized in the forum. If you prefer not to be aggressive in the forum, you can have your friends follow you such that they can read your opinions. You should know that the etiquette on the platform is that if someone follows you, you should do the same for them.

You can get Twitter feeds as soon as you subscribe to someone’s posts. You do this by clicking on ‘Follow’ on the page of the interested person. Where their opinions no longer appeal to you, clicking on ‘Unfollow’ will ensure that their texts do not show on your feeds. There are tons of trends on any given day, and this enables you to keep up with what’s going on in the world. Once you get the hang of things, you will realize that this forum is one of the easiest to use.


People will post on Twitter for a lot of reasons and who you follow depends on what you want. There are those who do it to seek attention, others for the promotion of their products, some for reasons related to vanity and others owing to boredom.
You should note that most people using the site at present do so as a means of passing powerful and informative messages to people across the globe. Here are some examples of the same

Amateur News Reporting

You get to see the world from the perspective of a person who may be going through something in which you have an interest. Take an example of if you wanted to start a business and you know of an entrepreneur who shares tweets online.
You can get a glimpse of their life by reading through their posts, learning about their triumphs and challenges along the way, and thus getting tips on how to succeed on the same.

It could be that you are into sports and you are looking to stay informed on what’s going on in your favorite teams. From transfers to changes in management all the way to live scores, you can follow all the developments on Twitter.


Nowadays, people want ads that are fast and to the point and Twitter provides the right forum for this. You can advertise anything from new stock to your consulting services. Thanks to the popularity of the site, you are sure to see some changes in your sales if you go about it the right way. Take sports as an example.

Many betting brands rely on sending tweets as a means of reaching their target audience. Here, they can advertise bonuses, payment options as well as other features that will appeal to their internet-savvy clients. Twitter is also a useful social messaging tool that you can use to keep in touch with loved ones. The great thing about this forum is that you don’t have to write anything, and you can spend your time following trends or reading the posts of people you find to be interesting. It’s a whole new world; try it today!

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